Habberley Trail will be closed this Friday (26th April)

Our phone line is currently down, please ring 07496311030

Open every Wednesday to Sunday!​

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Currently Closed


Outdoor nature & adventure trail in Kidderminster


“Reserve your spot today to experience a fun-filled day of family adventure at Habberley Trail”



We visited the cafe, which was greatly improved since last year. The cafe had a much improved eating area, it was very clean with a nice relaxed atmosphere. The staff were friendly and helpful, the food was tasty and the coffee made with freshly ground beans. Louise Barker


Great day out, Had loads of fun and the dog loves it. Brilliant customer service and a good bunch of lads that worked there  Charlie Thompson


Had a brilliant time with grandchildren of varying ages Pat Ford


Great for the dogs and a very nice cafe Linda Allen


Good fun day out for the kids in a beautiful setting. One and a half miles of activities and a great cafe and ice cream parlour.  Friendly staff. Amanda Wakelin

Habberley Trail, Kidderminster – Unleash your inner adventurer

The little, the young and the mature are all welcome to the Habberley Trail! Here you can unleash yourself with some exciting activities, enjoy a stroll through our outdoor adventure trail and have a snack for the entire family. Invite everyone you want to spend a day with and let your vigour swing!

Making your days out in Kidderminster worth adding to the calendar

The Habberley Trail greets all guests with an unforgettable spirit of adventure. With its magnificent trail, picnic areas and awe-inspiring round-a-bout swings overlooking splendid surroundings in Kidderminster, this is the only adventure trail that will keep you intrigued throughout the day.
  • Those looking for adrenaline rushes are spoilt for choice! You’ll have a lot of surprises along the way, making your outdoor experience nothing but amazing. If you don’t want to miss anything, view our map. But be warned! It doesn’t show all the Habberley Trail’s gems.
  • Parents planning a day of larking around with their kids can enjoy a family get-together when crossing the Water Squirter Bridge or trying other activities. We know your little ones can’t wait to be let loose in the countryside!
  • Those seeking some alone time away from the hustle of everyday life can visit our trail in Kidderminster to soak up natural beauty while having a picnic.
  • Couples exploring active dating ideas can push themselves with our competitive attractions so that their feelings sparkle with new colours.

Habberley Trail prices and goodies

For all risk-takers, the Habberley Trail is surprisingly wallet-friendly. Just book your tickets online in advance to take advantage of our Smart Pricing Model. It lets all guests save money with some timely actions to avoid extra entrance fees. Whether you have an adrenaline-filled solo ride or go wild with your children or soulmates, the bustle can leave you feeling starved and dehydrated. It’s always our pleasure to meet you at Hilltop Cafe and offer various refreshments, snacks and full meals. There’s also plenty of seating for a picnic if that’s more your style.

Tips for having a wonderful day on our outdoor leisure trail

Nothing can ruin your outdoor leisure at the Habberley Trail, even the chance of finding yourself running and jumping in the rain. Just dress appropriately to ensure your day in our adventure park is worth remembering for all the fun it brings. It’s best to wear shoes and clothing that will make it easy for you to get active and will not leave you vulnerable to the elements. Speaking of the elements, bring some extra layers with you in case sudden weather changes make it into your fun-filled day. Have no idea where to leave your dog when you are away to have a good time at the Habberley Trail? Nothing is better than watching it scampering around. Bring your buddy with you for a session of friendly rage. We are waiting for you in the Habberley Trail outdoor adventure park to wow you with a smorgasbord of activities!