Slide Contacts Habberley Trail
Low Habberley Kidderminster
Address Opening Hours Monday – Friday
9am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday
9am - 5pm


Please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for

Sure, but kept on a lead at all times. And clean up after your dog, please.

When it comes to rainy days, we remain open! In extreme wet weather, some or all of the activities will be closed for safety reasons. The only time we won’t open is in particularly bad snow or in violent storms. Still, we always post closure information on the website and across social media in such cases.

I should stress closure is extremely rare, but if you are unsure, then why not give us a call on 01562 824433 to double-check.

The trail is open 09:00am 7 days a week during term time.

If you are at all unsure, give us a call on 01562 824433 to check.

Yes, we have a large car park which is entirely free for all visitors. The car park is conveniently located right beside the start of the trail, and it’s easy to access the car park should you wish to return to your car for anything. ( For example, Picnic, change of clothes, hot flask!)

Most clothing is suitable, but please be aware of the weather and review the forecast. It is also advisable to layer your clothing! As you know, we have all four seasons in one day in the UK, so being able to reduce or increase your clothing could be an advantage.

Footwear with a good grip is necessary, and footwear with ankle support is advised for older visitors (i.e. walking boots). Do remember that our English summers can be wet, so a change of clothing (and footwear) is a great idea.

Most people spend between one and a half to two hours walking and enjoying the activities on the trail. We advise people to allow for around two to three hours minimum.

We have placed regular hand sanitisers around the trail for your use and the rangers carry out regular sanatising of the activities and cafe.
Also, we have the benefit of our activities being outdoors and spread out across the 42 acre trail.

Groups & Parties

We welcome you!

Every birthday should be special, particularly to your little one. We encourage groups and birthday parties to spend a part of their special day. We can accommodate for groups of friends and family members to enjoy the trail together and help you to make your little ones day something to remember.