at habberley trail

Habberley Trail is Excited to announce the arrival of a

100-meter zip line!

glide your way from one end of the trail to the other whilst picking up speed and feeling the gush of wind through your hair. This Thrilling new addition promises to provide an unforgettable experience to adventure seekers of all ages.

zip line tickets must be purchased in conjunction with habberley trail day tickets. Prior to booking, please ensure that you fulfill the necessary requirements. In order to facilitate the necessary safety measures, we request that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your designated timeslot to allow our team to prepare you with harnessing equipment.

Please note that zip line tickets must be purchased at least one day in advance and are not available for purchase online on the day of visit. However, if they are not sold out, zip line tickets may be available for purchase at the entrance kiosk.

Please Note: refunds for zip line experience will incur a £1.50 processing fee.